Sublimation 2D Case with Glossy Tempered Glass Insert Apple – H6 Series

H6 Series – Apple Phone Case

This is our Sublimation 2D Glossy Tempered Glass Phone Cases!

The quality for this type of cases are excellent. The photos transferred on the sublimation glass sheets are really vivid.

The back glossy glass plate and side antiskid lines feels really very good in hand.

Nowadays, more and more people like this high quality cases.

We have opened 800+ models for selling in the market.

Pls contact our sales to get the newest model list freely.

If you still do not know how to transfer the photo on the sublimation tempered glass plate, pls let us know.

Our sales man will teach you asap once got your inquiry.

Printing Temperature: 180 Celsius degree / 356 Fahrenheit degree

Printing timing: 120 seconds


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